As a writing teacher, I have worked at both large and small institutions and in one-on-one and one-to-many settings. I especially enjoy collaborating with students who are new or returning to writing in a higher education setting. My teaching philosophy and discussion of professional approaches go into more detail.

Headshot of white male with brown/gray hair and full beard wearing a blue/green button down shirt in front of a tan backdrop.

My program development and training work includes inducting and training teachers who are new to a writing program as well as ongoing training, such as norming to ensure consistent grading and workshops on effective feedback. In addition to faculty training, I develop learning resources, design courses and assignments, and participate in curriculum revisions.

These skills are strengthened by engaging ongoing professional conversations. I have found particular value in looking for the disagreements in these conversations, understanding the value in multiple perspectives, and finding previously undiscussed or underdeveloped intersections between different disciplines and fields, such as in my dissertation’s discussion of argumentation theory.

While working in the Digital Writing and Research Lab at the University of Texas, I participated in both the Cross-Cultural Rhetoric and Visual Rhetoric project groups, and I developed digital resources for the teaching of writing and wrote on visual rhetoric. The intersection of learning and technology continues in my work at Western Governors University where I help students develop their writing competency through webinars, asynchronous instruction, and one-on-one sessions.

My CV is available here and my resume is available here.

Disclaimer: All viewpoints expressed on this site and my social media accounts are, of course, my own and not endorsed by organizations with which I’m affiliated.