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Buyer Beware, Rhetor Beware

My mobile phone service provider Ting tweeted about an endorsement they received on reddit recently.¬†Commericial rhetoric often serves as classroom fodder for analysis of manipulative persuasive techniques, but the reddit discussion demonstrates some different problems that arise in a context … Continue reading

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The Courage of Pseudonymous Conviction

Anonymous speech poses a challenge to defining responsible civic discourse. The New Rhetoric provides one model of responsibility in noting that “since rhetorical proof is never a completely necessary proof, … thinking [people] who give [their] adherence to the conclusions … Continue reading

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Begging Off The Question By Changing It

It seems at times that people will do anything they can to avoid engaging in an extended back-and-forth conversation. Obviously we all would like to frame our positions in the most favorable light, but when we go beyond framing to … Continue reading

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2012 CCCC Paper Preview

On Thursday I’ll be presenting at the CCCC convention on religion in the writing classroom. ¬†Here’s the introduction from my paper. Uneasy Transitions Between Sacred and Secular: Investigating the Unacknowledged Operation of Religious Privilege in Writing Studies Religion in the … Continue reading

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